How to Pick a Freight Broker

How to Pick a Freight Broker

Shippers are looking for a number of values and criteria when they are looking to transport goods and use a freight broker. Price is an important criterion but beware of the broker who claims to have the lowest prices. Pricing is driven by carriers who are responding to various factors including fuel costs, utilization, equipment costs, driver availability and demand. No broker can guarantee that they can get the lowest price all the time. Utilizing a broker who continuously is working with a wide range of capable carriers will insure that you are getting a fair price for the market.

Customer Service is a big differentiator for freight brokers and most brokers will say they give good service and almost none of them are admitting that they provide lousy service. Customer service standards may also be higher or lower depending on the broker. The best brokers understand that giving good service and being responsive to customer needs is the key to maintaining long term relationships.

Here is what Craig L. had to say about 1st Choice Logistics, “The level of customer service is above and beyond anyone else we use. It feels like we are your only customer.” We believe that having a key point of contact with a support team enables us to provide a high level of customer service.

Michele B. says “I love how fast you both respond to my initial request & also how I don’t have to ask for updates on my shipments, very consistent with how you guys work and very fair on pricing for each lane…”. We realize that it is important to work hard for customers and they are using a broker to help them manage their needs and that a broker’s expertise and market knowledge can make a shipper’s life easier.

Here’s what our customer Jacqueline C shared, “I would rather you guys because it’s like working with family.  You’re able to clearly communication and give us your all when it comes to our customer’s freight.  I have never in all the time I have worked here have had problems with your company.  I always turn to you guys when we have a big project because I don’t trust anyone else we work with.”

Honesty and transparency are also key criteria to consider. Some brokers will commit to a load and a price before they have booked a carrier which doesn’t always work out. Even with the best laid plans, brokers and carriers don’t control the weather, traffic and other issues that arrive from time to time.

Another customer, Darwin, reports “It really comes down to that I trust you. I know that you will communicate with me. I know that you will get me the hard copy POD’s when I need them. I know that if there’s an issue you let me know. You don’t hide from mistakes.  Rates are reasonable.  You never overpromise just to get business. “ We are proud to earn the trust of customers and realize that hiding from mistakes doesn’t make them go away. Developing back up plans and solutions to problems puts a broker to the test and a great broker will handle much of the heavy lifting when a load gets off schedule.

Communication is important and it may be one of the most important criteria in selecting a freight broker. 1st Choice Logistics can communicate up to eight times or more for a single load if the client wants complete tracking updates. We will communicate when the load has been picked up, another communication will include the Bill of Lading, additional communications can be made with location updates four times a day (most clients want us to do the tracking and just let them know if there will be a delay) and additional communications will occur when the delivery is complete and with the signed bill of lading. Knowing that a load is on schedule or that issues are being addressed on a timely basis allows shipper to focus their time on other priorities.

Corina D. says “One of the many reason why I have used you for so long is because of the prompt responses and the constant updates with any hot shot orders I or my team give.” That’s the type of feedback we strive to receive.

1st Choice Logistics is a certified Women and Minority owned company. We routinely help large organizations and public entities meet contract requirements for diversity while offering the best logistics service in the region. We are service driven and the needs of our customers are what drive us to be the best.

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