How to Choose a Freight Broker, Part III: Transparency

Shippers need to look for a number of criteria when choosing a freight broker to transport goods.

As mentioned in our previous posts, there are several unavoidable factors that can delay or interfere with a shipment. Some brokers will offer a specific rate and schedule before booking a carrier, risking the chance that their promised service plan might fall through. And even with the best laid plans, brokers and carriers can’t control variable obstacles like weather and traffic.

Developing backup plans for such variables can be a lot of work, but a great freight broker will embrace that work and take responsibility for much of the heavy lifting when a shipment gets off schedule.

Here at FCL, we know to always expect the unexpected and realize that hiding from mistakes doesn’t make them go away. That’s why we adopt transparency as one of the defining features of our customer service.

1st Choice Logistics is proud of how this approach has earned the confidence of our customers.

Darwin reports,

“It really comes down to that I trust you. I know that you will communicate with me. I know that you will get me the hard copy POD’s when I need them. I know that if there’s an issue you let me know. You don’t hide from mistakes…You never overpromise just to get business.”

1st Choice Logistics is a certified Women and Minority owned company. We routinely help large organizations and public entities meet contract requirements for diversity while offering the best logistics service in the region. We are service-driven, and the needs of our customers are what motivate us to be the best.

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