Break Safety Week to start August 21st

As part of Operation Airbrake, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding their Brake Safety Week from Sunday, August 21st through Saturday, August 27th. Inspectors will be focusing on brake hose and tubing chafing violations in particular. The CSVA has provided a guide with tips on how to prevent and avoid such violations.

This event follows the CSVA’s unannounced Brake Safety Day that took place on April 27th, 2022, where 1290 commercial vehicles, 14% of total vehicles inspected, were put out of service due to brake-related violations.

For the 2020 Break Safety Week, 43565 vehicles were inspected across North America with 11.8% of inspected vehicles being removed from service due to break-related violations. The CSVA included in their 2022 event report a visual chart explaining the five severity levels of brake hose chafing. Although 15% of inspected vehicles had brake hose chafing violations, only 2% had chafing severe enough to be removed from service.

In 2021, 35764 inspections carried out in North America for Brake Safety Week resulted in 4301 vehicles being taken out of service due to brake-related violations. There were 5667 reported brake hose violations, but only 941 of these violations were severe enough for the vehicle to be removed from service, making up 22% of all vehicles removed for brake-related violations.

Follow these links to learn more about Operation Break Safety and the CSVA:
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