The Best Practices to Prevent Cargo Damage

The Best Practices to Prevent Cargo Damage

Your business’ reputation isn’t only dependent on the products and services you provide. The arrival of the goods in excellent condition to the customer’s hands also plays a role in your success. This is necessary to satisfy your clients and avoid unnecessary expenditures due to the damages.

Packaging costs have a percentage of the overall supply chain expenses. If you secure the proper packaging of your goods, this will reduce your total overhead costs. It’s very important to select quality packaging, not to mention the correct size.

Putting a label on the packages also helps shippers make decisions during the transportation process. If the goods have fragile contents, place a “fragile” label since the goods don’t have any visibility when packed. A great way to prevent cargo damage is to move freight on a dedicated sprinter van, straight truck or 53 Dry Van depending on much freight is being moved.

As an experienced freight broker in California, we also recommend that your employees must be trained when it comes to handling every shipping package. We suggest you establish a solid training plan to ascertain maximum productivity and minimum goods damages.

When it comes to handling proper logistics in South San Francisco, California, you can always rely on 1st Choice Logistics. If you need our transportation services, please feel welcome to get in touch with us!

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