3 Ways to Streamline Your Logistic Services

Whether you’re home-based business or large corporation, some outside logistics expertise can always help. Here are some quick logistics tips to help you deliver your product more efficiently:

  1. Set strict cutoffs on confirmed orders and related paperwork.
    Collect shipping and payment forms promptly and avoid shipping without complete papers. Organized paperwork helps you avoid clearance conflicts with the customs authority and other legal issues. Clearly labeled and completed paperwork also prevents delays from confusion and misplaced cargo and ensures that the freight is delivered in a seamless and timely manner.
  2. Expand your logistics resources by partnering with logistics brokers.
    Are the majority of your customers domestic or international? Do you have clients that consistently need expedited deliveries? Answering these kinds of questions will help you decide what kinds of resources you should focus on. If you don’t have the expertise or fleet to handle all of these services, you might want to delegate these tasks to an experienced logistics company with the resources to deliver your cargo safely. For example, depending on the shipment size, your freight might require a dedicated sprinter van, a straight truck, or a 53 Dry Van.
  3. Integrate tech for efficiency.
    Choose your online ordering software carefully. Make sure it’s able to collect all the required information you need for the paperwork, including the origin address, destination address, pallet count, dimensions and weight. Double-check that the online form’s field options are accurate and that there’s space for clients to clarify any special conditions or requests. Remember to allow time for troubleshooting and error resolution during rollout.
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