4 Ways to Prevent Cargo Damage

Your business’s reputation isn’t only dependent on the products and services you provide. The arrival of the goods in excellent condition to the customer’s hands is also a sign of success. Consider these factors to avoid unnecessary expenditures due to damages.

  1. Packaging costs make up a large percentage of the overall supply chain expenses. Unfortunately, packaging quality is often overlooked or reduced to cut costs. However, appropriate packaging with the optimal dimensions will go a much longer way in reducing total overhead costs.
  2. Accurate and informative labeling helps shippers make decisions during the transportation process. For example, including a “fragile” sticker on the packaging of delicate items will ensure proper handling. Always consider what descriptive labels, such as “This End Up” stickers, are at your disposal, and make sure to include handling instructions when possible.
  3. Equipment training is vital to maintaining your business’s reputation. Improper forklift, pallet jack, and load bar usage can severely damage cargo. Comprehensive equipment training will prevent such mistakes and create an overall  safer workspace.
  4. Logistics training, both with initial hiring and throughout the year, will ensure that your employees have the tools and knowledge to transport freight safely. Stay up to date on developments in packaging, handling, and labeling tools and practices and establish a standardized method for communicating these developments with the rest of your staff. Keeping your employees well-informed on freight handling best practices will guarantee maximum productivity and minimum goods damages.
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