How to Choose a Freight Broker, Part I: Partner Networks

Shippers need to look for a number of criteria when choosing a freight broker to transport goods. Often, a shipper’s first question will be “How much?” But while price is an important factor, low rates don’t always translate into high satisfaction, and no broker can really guarantee that they can get the lowest price every time.

Price is driven by various fluctuating industry factors, including fuel and equipment costs, driver availability, and demand. The degree to which each of these factors might affect a particular freight broker depends on their existing connections and partnerships.

In other words, the broker who strives to maintain, update, and expand their network of capable carriers will  be the one best equipped to find you a fair market price.

At FCL, we develop relationships by thoroughly vetting carriers, communicating with their dispatch teams, and establishing clear partnership expectations. We understand that tracking and communicating up-to-date information is critical to our customers, and that our customers’ success depends on how the carrier performs and keeps us informed.

1st Choice Logistics is a certified Women and Minority owned company. We routinely help large organizations and public entities meet contract requirements for diversity while offering the best logistics service in the region. We are service-driven, and the needs of our customers are what motivate us to be the best.

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