4 Factors Affecting the Price of Delivery

Predicting total delivery service costs might feel like guesswork, but this shouldn’t be the case. It is possible to provide your customers with an overall cost estimate before requesting a quote from a freight broker. Here are some factors to consider when creating a delivery cost estimate:

  • Weight and Dimensions
    Delivery service providers have specific pricing for different sizes of freight. Options can range from standard size pallets to oversize freight. Different freight sizes may also be charged according to their necessary packaging and transportation methods.
  • Address
    Freight brokers usually follow either a business or residential delivery route. Accessorial charges might occur if the recipient is in a residential area because the delivery requires the driver to take a detour from the usual business route.
  • Delivery Schedule
    Expedited delivery costs more than regular processing. Couriers also have an average hourly rate. You might end up paying even more if you schedule the delivery during the rush hour.
  • Mileage
    The mileage aspect of transportation costs factor into a courier’s average hourly rate. The more miles between pickup and delivery, the more hours it will take to deliver, and thus, the more hours charged by the courier.

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