How to Choose a Freight Broker, Part II: Customer Service

Shippers need to look for a number of criteria when choosing a freight broker to transport goods.

Customer service can be a major differentiator between freight brokers. But of course, no one would ever admit that they provide lousy service. The best brokers operate with the understanding that long-term professional relationships are built on high customer service standards.

At 1st Choice Logistics, we prioritize communication and transparency. We understand that our customers turn to us because our expertise and market knowledge makes their shipping lives easier. That’s why we assign a support team member to be each customer’s personal point of contact.

And here are the results of that strategy.  Craig L. had to say about 1st Choice Logistics:

“The level of customer service is above and beyond anyone else we use. It feels like we are your only customer.” 

Jacqueline C. shared,

“I [choose] you guys because it’s like working with family…I always turn to you guys when we have a big project because I don’t trust anyone else we work with.”

Michele B. says,

“[FCL is] very consistent with how you work and very fair on pricing for each lane.”

1st Choice Logistics is a certified Women and Minority owned company. We routinely help large organizations and public entities meet contract requirements for diversity while offering the best logistics service in the region. We are service-driven, and the needs of our customers are what motivate us to be the best.

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