How to Choose a Freight Broker, Part IV: Communication

Shippers need to consider a number of factors when choosing a freight broker. As mentioned in our previous post, there are several factors that can affect the price and delivery of 3PL services.

When these one or more of these variable factors occur, communication is key to providing top-notch service. Up-to-date notifications on shipments schedules, along with information on when and how a 3PL addresses potential issues, allows shippers to prioritize their time and focus on more important things.

Corina D. says,

“One of the many reasons why I have used 1st Choice Logistics for so long is because of the prompt responses and the constant updates with [our] hot shot orders.”

Jacqueline C. shared,

“You’re able to clearly communicate and give us your all when it comes to our customer’s freight.”

Michele B. says,

“I love how fast you both respond to my initial request & also how I don’t have to ask for updates on my shipments.”

And that’s the exact type of feedback we strive to receive.

1st Choice Logistics will provide numerous tracking updates for a single shipment at the shipper’s request. We will send clients notifications on when their shipment has been picked up along with a second message including the Bill of Lading. We can also send up to four location updates a day with potential delay predictions. Additional communications will occur when the delivery is completed with a signed bill of lading.

1st Choice Logistics is a certified Women and Minority owned company. We help large organizations and public entities meet contract requirements for diversity while offering the best logistics service in the region. We are service-driven, and the needs of our customers are what motivate us to be the best.

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